are submitting portfolios instead of resumes and the employer is not paying benefits or sick
The media industry, regardless of age, requires significant vitality, energy, and working
smarter because it is an intense deadline-driven business. These freelancers also have the
capacity to recalibrate in a high-intensity business and that is a priceless asset for anyone
regardless of work style. Many of the participants work with and on intergenerational
teams. Nobody has the luxury of working exclusively in one particular cohort group. With
a rapidly changing workplace, we cannot summarily dismiss the creative contributions of all
our citizens including youth. What is required is looking at a discourse on aging from
another lens.
Media Freelancers Are Reshaping The Age/Creativity
Media freelancers in this research project are singing a different tune. They are not only
reshaping the media world by defying the parameters of age by refusing to retire, but also
by bridging the generational divide, maintaining a self-care regimen, and by having the
courage to innovate and as documentarian Laura Paglin advocates “try something
ridiculous.” They are becoming new role models modeling the value of experience with
Bridging the Generational Divide
The majority of these project participants, even if they fall into the generational category of
Boomers (born between 1946 1964), operate more like Millennials (early 1980s to mid-
2000s) described by James Barrett, a 20-something blogger for Millennials at Work:
My opinion is that those members of the Millennial Generation are not interested in
the same work-life balance that their older coworkers are interested in. Those more
seasoned generations are interested in a more harsh separation between work life
and personal life. They prefer to leave work at work and check their personal lives at
the company’s front door. I see younger workers less interested in a harsh
separation and actually prefer to integrate personal and work into one entity, I guess
we could just call that ‘life’. I want to be able to work from wherever, whenever. The
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