The experiment paid off. It not only helped GE solve a basic problem of
knowledge management and cultural continuity, but it also created bonds of trust
between the different generations within the company. (Salkowitz, 2008, p. 234)
Perhaps that is one reason why the freelancers involved with this project are still thriving
they have an attitude that bridges the generational divide. The configuration of Boomers
and Millennials respectively staying in and entering the workforce in large numbers holds
significant promise to affect positive change:
The alignment of old and young generations in today’s workplace, with young
Millennial go-getters eager to learn and crusading elder Boomers eager to teach, is a
far more promising environment for reciprocal mentoring than the ill-favored Gen X-
Veteran/Silent combination prevalent in the early 1990s. (Salkowitz, R., 2008, p.
The freelancers contributing to this project are thriving because they are comfortable
integrating new technology, are willing to share knowledge and have the adaptability to act
as mentors and role models for working longer and better.
Age Defying
Those involved in media are constantly reminded that they are in an industry that celebrates
youth and creative energy while chastising aging. One just needs to stand in line at the
grocery store checkout and read the articles in The National Enquirer about starlets who
reportedly have not “aged well” after making the ghastly mistake of being seen in public
without makeup. Why is it that Clint Eastwood, the director, can be viable and relevant in
his eighties yet he still falls prey to the paparazzi taking pictures of him going shirtless at
the beach? Nobody is immune from these unrealistic physical standards and this accounts
for a significant rise in the number of people undergoing plastic surgery. The Hollywood
fixation on glamour and looks spills over into the media production sector and pollutes
practically every professional venue. Hillary Clinton, an indomitable Secretary of State,
recently became front-page news when she dared to venture to a function wearing her
glasses sans makeup (http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/339070/20120509/hillary-clinton-
without-makeup-pictures-photos-naturale.htm). As she humorously mentions in a CNN
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