trainer a luxury and states:
The hardest thing about freelance is finding time to be good to yourself to
exercise, meditate, to make healthy meals to do those tings you need to maintain
balance. It’s a hustle. It’s an absolute necessity. If I don’t meditate and exercise, I
get strung out. If you’re eating crap food you feel sluggish and awful. I have very few
indulgences in my life. One is a personal trainer that I see a couple of times a week
because she is the thin blue line between diabetes and me. The other is I have a
housekeeper come in once a month and do a thorough scrub down. Until I had a
housekeeper, there were so many things I could never get to and I was working
all the time. I’d never sit on the couch and read a book or watch movie.
Carol recognizes that to recover from a marathon on-location video shoot or a late audio
session requires more rest than it did earlier. She also incorporates a regular meditative
practice and a personal philosophy that allows her to let go, “The Buddhist pandita
Shandtideva said, ‘If there’s something to done about it, why worry? If there’s nothing to
be done about it why worry?’ If you need to get out there and hustle some contacts then
hustle some contacts. If you’ve hustled everybody you knot to hustle then you need to
jimi izrael, a nationally recognized commentator on NPR and author, is structured and
“Everyday I get up at 6:30 and after taking my son to school I write from 8:00 o’clock
to 6 o’clock. I treat everyday like a workday. When I’m done writing, I’m done with
work. I don’t think it affects my relationships. I don’t do twelve-hour marathons
unless I have to and I don’t have to.”
When asked how he finds balance, jimi candidly responds, “I play a lot of X-box and it
cleans my mental palate and then after that I stick my hand down my pants and watch
the ‘Simpsons.’ It’s easy for me. I’ve been doing it so long switching it on and off.”
Bill Cavanaugh, an audio engineer, has learned to stay calm and notes, “That’s experience.
It’s basically saying I’ve been through this before. Others would probably say the same
thing too.” Alan McElroy says what gets him through, “You have to have a thick skin,
perseverance, determination a lot of hope and maintain a level of optimism.”
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