The Ongoing Conversation Drives The Negotiation
Many inexperienced freelancers assume that the conversation is strictly about negotiating a
price but that is not the entire story. The mark of a good freelancer is that they are
engaged in conversation and communicating with a client throughout the process. It is this
ongoing conversation that can make the difference between just doing your job to being
invited back. I introduce the notion of negotiation as an ongoing conversation. There are
seven vital elements examined in the chapter A Conversation About Negotiation,
Reputation, and Sustainability: interest, conversational trinity (hearing, listening, and
speaking), discovery, mutual coordination, appreciative capacity, educating the client,
deciphering the unspoken rate card, and renegotiation. The importance of learning how a
conversation requires not only speaking but also active “listening and hearing” has
reframed my perspective.
Creativity Values Authenticity
There is no place that provides the high ground when it comes to creativity. Sparks of
innovation are happening everywhere and it was especially gratifying to see places like
Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh and other hardscrabble “Rust Belt” cities making a
comeback because they present fertile ground for new imaginative possibilities. The book
“Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology” captures the appeal of why creative folks
decide to call Cleveland home, “In a world of ever-growing ephemerality and superficiality,
our authenticity is an asset” (Pilparinen & Trubek, 2012).
These cities are coming to life because they are not apologizing for what they aren’t rather
they are embracing the process of becoming and actively creating who they are. It is the
same with all the project participants. They are reveling in an appreciative moment an
acknowledgement of what is working. “This comes from the activity of being a creator life
and work is an improvisational performance. All of these participants are actively creating
what comes next” (Bava, personal communication, 2012). The freelancers involved with
this project have years of experience that evoke confidence without pretense. As seasoned
freelancers, they are embracing what is working and saying this is who we are. This
acceptance, reframing in a more appreciative way to accept what is working, is exactly
what we need to spark the flames of imagination whether you are a city or a person.
What I discovered with this group of participants is that creative folks seek opportunity
wherever they land. Media freelancers were the early adopters of a work style that
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