recognized the importance of relational connections and collaboration as vital to their
survival. When we move away from deficit discourse (Gergen, 1994) a negative
verbalization of what is not working, toward appreciation and acceptance, it opens the
doors to more possibilities.
The Implications of This Research
We Are All Freelancers
Fast-forward to 2012 and the freelance experience in all professions has skyrocketed. As
dissertation participant and comedy writer Marc Jaffe notes, “everyone is a freelancer now
they just don’t know it.” Whether you have a full-time, part-time or freelance job, the
guarantee for how long you will be working at a specific position can be questionable given
the current economic climate. “We are all freelancers” becomes an existential metaphor
for recognizing the increasingly rapid instability in the workforce, while giving a nod to our
The “migrant creative” experience is presently affecting one out of three workers according
to the Freelancers Union (www.freelancersunion.org) and continues to grow. By 2020,
research suggests that one-half of the population will be working on a contract basis (see
The educational realm has not yet caught up with the reality of more jobs switching to
contract positions. The colleges are preparing students for jobs that are rapidly changing
and it is important to suggest to students that they may have to create their own, as
advocated by many entrepreneurial programs. It was at the insistence of my former
academic coworkers, both production freelancers, that I hurry up and finish this project
because these real-life lessons and stories paint a clear portrait of media work. These
stories are not prescriptive, but provide life lessons honed from years of experience, that
give students and a transitional workforce something to consider when starting to explore
career possibilities.
These Freelancers Are The New Role Models For Creativity and Aging
The media freelancers involved with this project are reshaping the age and creativity
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