boundaries especially in a youth-fixated industry. These participants are becoming new
role models modeling the value of experience with age as they refuse to retire, keep
working on creative projects, bridge the generational divide, maintain a self-care regimen,
and as participant Laura Paglin suggests, “have the courage to try something ridiculous.”
Developing An Appreciative Focus; Changing the Dynamic from Me to We
All the freelancers are constantly hustling searching for work, completing the project or
assignment, and then they are ready to go again. The new work challenge will be how to
find peace in a forever shifting and mutable workplace.
As an entrepreneur you are on the line, as a freelancer you never rest, and as an employee
you are vulnerable. The way to ease the “going it alone” burden placed on the creative
worker’s shoulders is to shift the orientation from a “me” to a “we.” Sustainability invites
rethinking work style possibilities and embracing an improvisational style that invites
cooperation with others and this is where it is possible to create something new together.
This dance starts with a conversation. However, It is not just about conversing at the start
of negotiations but throughout the collaborative process and this is discussed at length in
the chapter, A Conversation About Negotiation, Reputation, and Sustainability. The
freelancer now shifts the position from taking the lead to one that allows both parties to
have improvised solo and supporting roles. This appreciative recognition of the “other,” has
the potential to create a kinder and more forgiving workplace whatever workstyle you
What I Would Have Done Differently?
Although pleased with the results, I was inhibited by the length of time required to
transcribe the conversations for all eleven participants. However, the benefit was an
immersion in the first-level of coding when I indexed each transcript. In retrospect, it
worked out.
Creative Approaches That Worked
Intuitively, the micro narratives, Appreciative Reflections, were an interesting layering device
that introduces the reader to the participants in an engaging interactive fashion and this
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