The migrant creative experience is one of adaption, improvisation, and recognizing that we
are all connected. The
century reflects a shift from an “independent” to
“interdependent” mobile reality. The new loyalty is to people not companies. This story of
sustainability is one that understands that we are relationally situated in our journey from
finding a new project to ongoing negotiations and moving to the next project in the cycle.
Here the creative improviser develops an appreciative focus, one that invites in the “other,”
for this change has the capacity to not only jumpstart creativity but also catalyze a more
generative work environment. This high-level collaboration, one that welcomes change and
divergent thinking, demands conversational engagement throughout the process. The
story of these personal journeys speak of creativity as an authentic, interdependent
process that breaks the age barrier and remains responsive to the dynamic face of the
shifting media world. These migrant creatives are singlehandedly changing the
construction of what encompasses a “real job,” and represent the face of the new work
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