Research  Participation  Consent  Form  (for  interview  participants  over  the  age 
of  18) 
Greetings. My name is Elaine (Laine) Goldman and I am a doctoral candidate and researcher with the Taos
Institute/Tilburg University program in the Netherlands. I am the researcher for a project entitled The Migrant
Creative: U.S. Media Freelancers at the Border of a Changing Work Culture (working title) a
dissertation exploring the world of the media freelancer.
The Taos/Tilburg doctoral program, applying Social Constructionist theory and Appreciative Inquiry practices,
examines how dialogue positively transforms individual, organizational and collective realities to create meaning.
These collaborative inquiry practices are incorporated in the research process. As a participant, you are invited
to be part of the conversation. This performance research methodology of mutual discovery is intended to
benefit both the investigator and participant.
In our hectic lives, we often do not get to reflect on our relationship with work. We are here to jointly study the
topic and share thoughts on our freelance experiences. Before our first interview, we will briefly discuss a
critical issue that concerns you as a media freelancer and/or someone associated with contract workers.
Relevant questions pertinent to your area of interest will be developed for the first conversation and sent via
email. The interview, anywhere from to 2 hours, will be conducted in person. The conversation will be
personalized and varied in an effort to gather multiple perspectives. If a follow-up call is needed to clarify or
expand a topic, the conversation (via Skype or phone) will be arranged with your permission and prior consent.
Throughout this project, and with your permission, I will discreetly make an audio recording of some of our
conversations in order to have a record of our discussion. The recordings will be considered part of data for
this project. At any time during our conversation, you can ask to turn off the audio recording by saying this is
“off the record.” Your name will appear in my dissertation with your permission, but if prefer we can create a
fictitious name for you to protect your identity. As part of protocol, I will ask you again at the end of our interview
if you would like to use your real name or a fictitious name. I will work with you beforehand to ensure that how
you are credited in the dissertation is totally acceptable. Should you decide to leave at any time your interview
and recordings will be destroyed to fully safeguard your privacy.
Your participation in this project is completely voluntary and you may disengage at any time. I will publish the
results of the study. Any of the quotes or statements that I use will be credited to you. You may also review
the conversation transcriptions to verify the information and make any changes.
This research study, The Migrant Creative, will be of significant value in helping to understand the culture of the
media freelancer and the societal implications of contract work. If you have any questions about this research,
you can call or email me (see footer). You may also contact my dissertation advisor, Dr. Saliha Bava (private
email removed) a faculty member at the Taos Institute/Tilburg University doctoral program
(www.taosinstitute.net). Thank you for your cooperation and consideration. I will give you a copy of this form to
take with you. I appreciate your contribution to this project and look forward to our discussion (s). If you agree
to participate in this research project, please circle the following statements and sign the research participation
consent form:
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