The Technological Tools for Recording Dissertation Process
and Progress
Digital Diary
Even before starting the dissertation in fall 2009, my adviser, Saliha Bava, Ph.D., suggested
numerous digital practices that have been helpful when it comes to retracing my
dissertation journey and one was a diary. I stopped writing the diary after all eleven of the
final appreciative reflections were approved (November 2011) and the chapter writing was
underway. To be honest, the diary is useful as I evaluate my beginning steps since the
process started over three years ago. The 150-pages initially started with insightful
commentary and eventually just held email correspondence with my adviser or project
participants. As I recall my steps, I am finding it useful tool for remembering process and
Digital Portfolio: Backup in a Cloud is Essential
Throughout the dissertation process, ibook was utilized for digital backup of files and
additional thumb drives to backup the backup. Then I also put my dissertation on a
foliotek.com digital portfolio cloud, in case of a natural or unnatural disaster, I could save
everything and also have a forum for sharing or examining my work in progress.
Because I am a visual learner, I appreciated the capacity of foliotek.com
(http://www.foliotek.com) to not only save my documents in a cloud, but also allow others
to access the documents with code and permission to show work for specific increments
of time. It was through foliotek.com that all the project participants were all able to read
and access all the Appreciative Reflections. As suggested, it is critical to safeguard your
work with multiple digital systems. It also served as a visual marker of progress and
provided the big picture of how the elements were connected.
Mindmapping - CMAP
In fall, 2009, it was suggested by my adviser after examining my writing style that there
were lots of non-linear associations. She suggested CMAP to help me organize emerging
and incoming ideas and then stop back and look at the relationships and associated
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