This was another useful tool for visually charting this dissertation journey and later it turned
into a cumbersome problem so I would recommend that you keep it “private.” Here I could
put my thoughts and linkages for each semester onto a visual page and then add
documents, articles, or conferences attended for safekeeping. It is a wonderful
organizational tool and I used it for three semesters starting in fall, 2009.
CMAP became problematic when I made it available on my abstract and since it was in a
public/private folder did not imagine that it would migrate in bits and pieces to become part
of google documents. It was not easy to retrieve the materials and I decided to dismantle
the public component and pull the plug.
I do not want it public because of the confidential nature of some of the information and the
premature work in progress of some of the pieces. Since then, I have spent a lot of time
dismantling sites so I do not want to bring it to fruition in this dissertation. If you are going
to use CMAP, the visual tool is great just DO NOT make it public. The tool is free if you
are affiliated with an academic institution. If you want to explore, view a demonstration, or
access the site go to: (http://cmap.ihmc.us/). The following Figure 1 on the next page
shows a condensed version of a one-page CMAP fall semester 2010.
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