Refworks for Bibliographic Entries and Retrieval
Refworks was utilized early on in the dissertation process. It is great for compiling and
accessing bibliographic listings. This is an essential tool. In my dissertation, there are 400+
bibliographic listings for articles, journals, blogs, and books with abstracts in a variety of
accessible folders. It allows me to put bibliographic listings into a variety of citation styles
such as APA, Chicago, etc. For any researcher, this is a must-have tool and a worthwhile
website to check out. Click to visit the Refworks website (http://www.refworks.com/).
Setting the Stage for Collecting Data
Initial Invitation to the Participants
In mid-July 2009, a phone call was initiated with many friends in the freelance world to see
if they would be interesting in becoming involved with this project. My immediate thought
as a former freelance multimedia writer and producer was to start with my friends many of
them lived in Ohio, New York, California, Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia. I made a
list of people I have known for decades and/or personally know their work or reputation. I
was surprised to immediately jot down around 18 names. The intention was not to make it
a one-sided interview but to foster creative engagement with this research process. This
project was also a chance to reconnect and check-in with folks that I genuinely admired
and appreciated.
Interview Matrix
In August 2009, I started working on my interview matrix with bios and background
materials to highlight the dissertation participants and here I added bios, contact
information, and personalized photos. The photographs made the process more real and
personal for me and the intention was to also introduce my adviser to the participants in a
more engaging fashion. Also the use of graphics with stylized headlines and subheads
along with plenty of white space allowed for visual engagement and readability. Initially
there were 18 participants and eventually we whittled it down to 11 after seeing how much
material we had to work with at the time. Unfortunately, I never utilized the people living in
North Carolina or the West Coast due to time constraints, monies, and a significant amount
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