the record.” Your name will appear in my dissertation with your permission, but if
prefer we can create a fictitious name for you to protect your identity.
They all agreed to use their own name and signed the permission consent form to have a
digital audio recording. The participants were also aware that they would be approving the
bio, transcript, and appreciative reflections and could make any changes they desired since
their name was attached to the materials.
With media people, there is a reluctance to be videotaped and that is probably because
they are more comfortable behind the scenes. They are also aware of the editing process
and how things can be taken out of context. The audio recording allowed for less intrusion
and moments of being self-conscious. To view the entire Permission Consent Form (see
As an additional safeguard for use of names and identity, I sent an email to all of the
participants informing them that the dissertation would be going out to my committee with
the use of their approved names and to contact me if there were any issues. Given that
they had said yes to so many materials with their name on it this was just my way of
giving them a heads up with at least three weeks notice since it was sent on August 10,
Pre-interview Conversations
In November and December 2009, I started short pre-interview phone conversations as a
way to touch base and get a read on critical issues most important to my freelance friends.
I was pleasantly surprised that all had a variety of challenges and a few included: the
love/hate of having a structure to wrap themselves around; social isolation; the willingness
to accept anything; financial security; billing issues; money, getting and keeping it;
scheduling multiple clients; and slow payments.
This gathering of challenges to help formulate questions happened before my immersion in
appreciative inquiry. Now I would change the focus and ask, “what practices are working
for you when it comes to freelance?” The lessons learned will be carried over to my next
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