Developing Questions for the Conversation
These pre-interview conversations gave us time to reconnect but also were a foundation for
formulating the questions and categories of the interview. Initially, I had a ridiculously large
amount of questions and my adviser suggested refining to about 7-9.
These overall questions were sent in advance of the interviews in the summer 2010.
Reading Doing Interviews (Kvale, 2007) was also an invaluable resource for providing a
model for performative research (Kvale, 1996; Bava, 2005; Gehart, et al., 2007). The
conversations were seen as a framework and there did not have to be any particular order
and although similar questions were asked of all the participants I individualized them for
their own specialty line of work within media. The following questions for the dissertation
1. Tell me about your career path and how it eventually led to starting your freelance work.
2. What are the factors (e.g. geography) that influence your work? How would you describe
the influence of these factors on your work?
3. How has the nature of freelance work in your industry changed over the years? Is there
a new type or style of freelance work emerging? How are the changes in technology,
market etc. changing the nature of work/industry?
4. What are the challenges and rewards (social, emotional, financial, relational, work setting
and relationships etc.) of doing freelance work?
5. It’s talked about how freelancers are often continually shifting their identify/mindset. Will
you discuss this phenomenon of constantly shifting to fit a potential employer or
assignment, changing work culture, new collaborative partners etc?
6. Freelance work is often described as being adaptive, instinctive and relationship-
focused. What do you think it takes?
7. How are age, creativity and experience valued in your industry?
8. Is your freelance work sustainable? What factors would grow your freelance practice?
What are your plans for future work, projects or life changes?
9. What lessons learned could you offer to an up-and-coming (FILL IN PERTINENT JOB
TITLE) when it comes to successfully navigating a freelancing career?
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