attaching their names to the work so in the long run it was worthwhile. I am still scratching
my head and thinking no wonder I was so tired the word “insane” comes to mind.
Again, there are no take backs when it comes to the dissertation process.
Tracking the Revisions and Submissions
The good news is that I kept track of all the revisions and submission on the first page from
when the interview transpired to when I received the FINAL approved transcript. The
subheads came about when initially transcribing I would write a little headline and the
page number to remember a special comment. For readability, I put in a table of contents
and subheads to break up the 30-50 pages. This was a useful tool in terms of engaging
the reader and later utilizing some of the subheads in the Appreciative Reflections and
Chapters. This required a lot of logistical work for keeping track of eleven participants
edits. All the final transcripts are available upon request.
Atlast.ti for Coding
It was at the suggestion of my adviser, Dr. Saliha Bava, that I decided to attend the 2nd
Annual Planning for Qualitative Research: Design, Analysis and Software Integration at
Temple University where I took a basic course in Atlas.ti a qualitative analysis coding
program (January 13-15, 2011). My learning curve was slow since I had a Mac and had to
utilize another computer since the program is only PC compatible.
Although hesitant at first, the ability to store and code data made it easier to sort through
eleven manuscripts each 30-50 pages in length. I downloaded the manuscripts in rtf text
format and then basically decided on appropriate categories. The categories were based
on initial questions and reoccurring themes within the conversations (see Creating the
Atlast.ti made it easier and more efficient to access, store and insert manuscript text into
the various codes. My initial thought was that I would have gone crazy if I had to use
highlighters or I would have adapted with a cut and paste approach which I fortunately
did not have to attempt. The rewards of Atlast.ti for coding and containment far surpassed
the learning curve and I would highly recommend utilizing a coding program for research.
Although my skills are rudimentary, it was an extremely useful tool.
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