IV. Appreciative Reflections
T h e biggest obstacles involve your own mind because you will be
criticized constantly because the freelancer is the easiest person to throw
under the bus. When there’s a bad situation when somebody has made a
bad decision and when causes and conditions are such the things don’t
go the way the client hoped the freelancer and it’s almost always the
producer and not the director that will get thrown under the bus.”
“That’s where your Buddhist practice helps you to separate and see what’s
essential. I used to feel little sympathy for clients. I thought they should
educate themselves to the process, spend more time with it and stop being
neurotic. I’m like buck up and take some responsibility. I realize that
people on the client side of corporate production have a whole lot of other
responsibilities. They can’t be production professionals and that’s why
they hire you. You’ve got to educate them to the process and that requires
a whole lot of patience getting their attention. Explaining to them why you
can’t cut these two crewmembers off the list in an effort to pinch pennies.
You have to feel for their position. They’re usually running scared from
their bosses. That’s another reason to be a freelancer because you’re the
Carol E. Beck, Videographer
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