reputation on the basis of this large ten-month long job I did for the marketing launch of the
Mercedes Benz “M” class which was being built in Alabama. It was a big deal.. It was the
first time they launched a vehicle outside of Europe. I got the job because I was hired as a
production coordinator on a big job where the producer completely dropped the ball and I
did a big production save. There were a lot of producers in town that were vying for this
Mercedes job and thought they had it in the bag. Nobody was more shocked than me
when I was offered the job. That was my first big producing gig and it was huge,
mammoth and with lots of moving parts. I’m still very proud of that work.”
This is where Carol developed a reputation for successful large-scale launches, marketing
events, global meetings and installations. As Carol notes, “You’ve got beautiful clips to
show people along with demo stuff. People talk. It gets around.” This brings additional
production work and Carol adds, “I did the world’s largest plasma wall for Panasonic
which was made up of forty 60” plasmas. I was working with Japanese engineers. I had to
figure out how to make one image that would fill up all those screens at a resolution that
would work. The Japanese had to figure out how to do all the programming that would
break the image back up and program it in to all those monitors.” The intricacies of large-
scale production require exceptional teamwork, leadership and relational skills. As Carol
comments, “once your name gets out there in that community, the news travels fast.”
Carol is very diversified in terms of her work and interests. She says, “Along with event
production work, I’ve been working on TV spots and some documentary-style work. I also
do pro bono work. My great love is still documentary work.”
All Things Tibetan: The Compassionate Freelancer
Carol has been happily engaged with her Buddhist practices for years and it is seamlessly
woven into her life and informs her work experience. She just returned from documenting
the Tibetan community in exile in Dharamsala, India and is involved with the Emory-Tibet
Partnership, which is collaboration between Emory University and several Tibetan
institutions. The Emory-Tibet Partnership includes a science initiative that is a five-year
science curriculum for selected monastics from seventeen institutions. The long-term goal
is to integrate western science into traditional Tibetan monastic education. With this
program, she is documenting Tibetan practices and spending time with monks, scientists,
and students. Carol easily moves between spiritual and professional worlds with ease.
Her ability to handle a high-stress freelance production job with major corporate clients
(Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola Company, Honda, General Electric, Proctor and Gamble, and
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