To my project collaborators, a heartfelt appreciation and profound gratitude for freely
sharing invaluable stories about life as a career improviser in the new media frontier. You
brought more than a name and face to the freelance experience you delivered decades of
tales from the frontlines of the multimedia front with humor, grace, and keen insight. All of
you are the heart, soul, and backbone of this dissertation. This project would have been
impossible without your friendship, effort, encouragement, and creative chutzpa. You are all
stunningly gifted and wickedly smart. I marvel at your capacity for reinvention, growth, and
tenacity. Carol Beck, Bill Cavanaugh, Kate Farrell, jimi izrael, Marc Jaffe, Kasumi, Alan
McElroy, Laura Paglin, Ayad Rahim, Steven Tatar, and Sheryl White I feel privileged to
know you.
To all my friends that were supportive throughout the process and managed to not take it
personally when I was chronically busy. I also appreciated your honesty when voicing,
“Can we talk about something else?” Friends, colleagues, and academic support included:
Dr. Maisha Hazzard, Angela Wilson, Judy Wilks Reynolds, Ann Alter, Julie Meese, Jan
Mack, Dr. Alice Y. Kolb, Dr. David A. Kolb, Free Play Softball League players, Brett Barndt,
Carolyn Strickland, Sloane Haywood, Dr. Janice Flezzani, Dr. Carol Dykers, Mary Beth
Schappe, Dr. Gary Beckman, Lynn Book, O’Kelly Library at Winston-Salem State
University, Winston-Salem State University Professional Development Grant, Dr. Lisa
Gueldenzoph Snyder, Peggy Holman, Dr. Anne-Mette Korczynski, Jim Cherney, Doug
Osman, Beth Clark, Marguerite Oestreicher, Leo Morrissey, Marilyn Roseboro, Cole
Russing, and students too numerous to mention. I include a special acknowledgement for
Carolyn Grant who not only provided a sounding board for ideas that sparked interesting
conversations but was always there to buoy my spirits when the going got tough.
There are so many other unmentioned cheerleaders that have quietly spurred me on and
you know who you are. To you, I say a simple “thank you.”
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