“I was told I was the first one in New York to do it. Even the designers of the equipment
AVID the designers of ProTools have been pushing me for five years to do an article on
it how I used their technology. How I changed the working model. Well, I said, ‘I still
have too many friends making a living and if I let the cat out of the bag. It could completely
collapse the studio system.”
The Old Studio Model is Not Sustainable
As Bill describes, the studio system was collapsing on its own. His contribution is to show
people how to be more portable. When asked if he is selling this system to other
composers he replied, “I built two systems for two of my assistants two guys that I taught
how to do the job of post. They said, ‘we want to be doing what you’re doing.’ Most
people are like don’t tell them don’t show them how it works.’ I think putting a few
people out there will validate the market and be more beneficial to me than if I try and hold
it inside. I taught them the whole business model and they call themselves my clones.”
The New Model is More Flexible
Bill suggests that the new model is about portability due to technology and pricing. He
says, “a lot of what I had to do is go to the networks and they’d say ‘we don’t have an
audio budget.’ They would try and mix the show inside the video system and it would
never pass the technical evaluations. It would get kicked back and they’d say it’s illegal
here because video editors don’t know how to do audio any more than I know how to do
video. I can do video but I would not be great at it. The joke was always do you want a
plumber to do your taxes? You don’t. So if you can get the same guy you had in a studio
and get it delivered for a third of what you were paying. Would you go for it? Again they’d
say, ‘well, we don’t have an audio budget.’ I’d say you do have an audio budget. You’re
just using it on a video system and tying up that video system for a week to do the audio. I
can do it in a day and that video system can move on to the next video project. That’s why
you’re behind on everything. Let me inject my company into the system and I will get it
done in a day or two days and it will pass tech evaluation and it won’t be bounced back
over and over. And you won’t spread it over a month. It will be a job that gets done in a
few days goes to evaluation and you get a paper back saying you passed. They went
for it.”
Bill’s business developed because of relational conversations and showing clients that it
could be a win-win situation and says, “’A & E’ went for it ‘Biography’ went for it The
History Channel went for it MTV went for it at the time. PBS did. Court TV did. Now
they’re Tru TV. Many did.”
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