that the “new freelance” is starting your own company and becoming a vendor which
requires treating yourself like a business and not just going to the next gig and depositing a
check into your personal account.
Bill’s Comments Rewriting A New Script For The Future
It has been a year since I visited Bill Cavanaugh in Rhinebeck, New York. He was very
candid about the collapse of the audio recording business in New York and describes a
scenario of compression and expansion. “The compression is less work for reduced rates
while moving at a faster production pace and the expansion is the increased time it takes
to get your check from a business.” What I appreciate about Bill is that not only does he
recognize the shift but is also thinking about rewriting his script for the future. Many of us
create a life scenario and we follow the script whether it’s working or not. Bill adds, “I
know that I initially wanted to be a rock and roll star and you just have to keep changing the
script to reflect the reality.” He is buying some time before facing retirement and says, “I’ll
have to write a new script. So many people continue to follow a narrative they wrote as
adolescents and are unable to adapt.” Social Constructionist and Communication theorist,
Sheila McNamee suggests that in our talk of imagined futures, “we invite coordination of
many convergent and divergent understandings of the past and present” (Gergen,
Schrader & Gergen, 2009, p. 106). Bill discusses how many of us put ourselves on a path
that is not good and meaningless at a certain point in our lives, “Am I on the right path
following a script that I wrote in the 1970s one with a reality that it’s beginning to
crumble? It will force me to rewrite another script turning into myself and doing what I
really want to do. What is that script?” Bill is getting ready to embark on the “dream cycle”
as described in Appreciative Inquiry’s change cycle “creating a clear results-oriented
vision of higher purpose, i.e., What is the world calling us to become?” (Gergen, Schrader
& Gergen, 2009, p. 236). I am looking forward to Bill’s future narrative.
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