Kate Farrell
Appreciative Reflection Executive Producer
Kate and I had a great day together in Millbrook, New York in the Hudson Valley hanging
out at her home, visiting a local café, and reminiscing about studying scriptwriting in
graduate school at Ohio University in Athens in the late 80’s. We managed to see each
prior to this visit so there were not any dramatic physical surprises that can happen after
not seeing someone for a long period of time. We both have all our original body parts and
are probably healthier now than in the past. This is due to the fact that we have both been
engaged in the habits of healthful eating and exercise as a way to counteract a high stress
Our conversation was an all day affair as we managed to cover the highlights of our
respective lives during the past ten years. I gained considerable insight into her career
transition from being parts of the producing team for major sports broadcasting events,
including Super Bowls and Olympics, to moving into the realm of reality television where
standard negotiations and contracts are often thrown out the door. At certain levels of
hiring in the world of reality television is hire and fire at will. I was very impressed with my
friend and amazed at the skill sets she had amassed. A good storyteller can create
engaging and entertaining projects that intersect many different genres.
As a four-time Emmy award-winning freelance sports television producer for NBC’s
Olympic Unit, ABC, CBS, ESPN and various production companies, Kate has produced
shows around the world and barely had time to relax at home.
Recently, she moved into a full time position as an executive producer at WE-tv (Sinbad:
It’s Just Family, Texas Multi Mamas, My Fair Wedding, etc.) in New York after freelancing
for years and she’s back living in the city. Media folks frequently swing between full-time
and contract work depending on their life situation and available work. The rest of the
population is now engaging in similar configurations of full time and freelance work in an
effort to cobble together gainful employment. There is a lot to be gained by studying media
freelancers because they have been mixing work styles longer than other professions and
have a lot of great insight.
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