shock factor stuff. They weren’t dangerous, just inappropriate.” Kate has a backbone and
has the ability to speak her mind without alienating or offending her coworkers. There is no
doubt that being one of eight siblings helped her to develop a self-assured relational style.
You don’t get what you need or want unless you speak up.
In Search of a More Balanced Life
Kate comments, “I was paid well. I made $140,000 a year and I thought it was fine. But I
was tired you know being freelance and working at the Olympics. I worked a lot. I spent
my entire 30’s traveling. I did it for five Olympics . . .Lillehammer, Nagano, Atlanta, Sydney
and Salt Lake City. . .two CBS Olympics and three NBC Olympics. When I worked for
NBC, I did Olympic profiles and I was on the production team that covered gymnastics. I
was overseeing the profile unit for gymnastics. I was tired. When I was 40, I stopped
working in sports full-time. Most of the people I traveled with were men who were married
and had families. I wasn’t married. I didn’t have a family. That’s when I decided that
something was missing here. All of a sudden I’m 40 . . .and the last thing I remember was
that I was 28.”
Numbers Runner: Take Charge of Your Finances
She was able to take a break because she was financially savvy about the business of
freelance and that is something we were not taught in school. She had worked consistently
in the freelance world for the past twenty years and was smart enough to get an
accountant on board in the early days. Kate notes, . . . there probably should be a
handbook about the financials what you write off. Having the right accountant to guide
you saves money on taxes. Sometimes you get paid big chunks of money with no taxes
out and you can have a huge bill come tax time if you aren’t careful. I’ve had the same
accountant since 1983. He’s seen me move from a waitress to executive and helped me
save some money along the way.”
Kate is also frugal and understands the value of saving, “I don’t really buy a lot of things like
new cars although I have to have nice Mac products. They are part of being a freelancer.
You need a great computer. When you arrive on a job, you are expected to have a
computer. Also I know if I take a job for less than I want monetarily I’ll be resentful.
Maybe I’ve lost some jobs along the way by asking for a certain amount of money and not
budging on it but I know that as someone who hires people I always want to give them
what they think they’re worth.”
Get Therapy: Learn Emotional Management Skills
Kate’s other pertinent advice was for people to ground themselves so they would not get
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