Berne Switzerland Bills of Exchange and Receipts.
London the
June 1710 Exchange 150.0.0
Thirty days after Sight of this our Second bill of Exchange our first and third of same Tenor and date not paid.
Pay unto Christopher de Graffenreid and Company or their Order One hundred and fifteen Pounds Sterling
money receiv’d here Which said Summs of One hundred pounds shall be so much in part of One hundred Sixty
and Six pounds, two shillings and Two pence sterling we Lent (thee) when here on a bill of thy hand dated the
1th of April 1707 make Good payment to Content and Place to Account of thy said Bill as per advice from him
that is for Self and Jno. Danson thy reale friend. Wm Wragg (Ed. more from Wragge below)
Bill of exchange receipt and acknowledgement of credit terms of adventure/venture capital investment by
John Porter Senior, 300 pound GB partnership share interest.
April 1707
I do hereby Acknowledge to have received of John Porter Senior of North Carolina the Summ of One hundred
thirty three pounds Seventeen shillings and ten Pence in part of payment of three hundred pounds which is his
Share of the adventure to Virginia and Carolina. I say received for Self and John Danson. Per me Wm. Wragg
1717 Bills of exchange New England goods- Bath Merchant John Porter.
The following extract from correspondence to a Boston merchant from a Bath merchant below summarizes a
transaction using a Boston money bill of exchange dated July 30 1717. The amount is 10 pounds currency in
current money of New England (also known as Boston money). The bill is due within ten days of presentation,
not the common term used on demand. Interest rate below is not specified but interest was generally regulated
by Board of Trade, unless otherwise mentioned either 6 or 6.5%. Gentlemen, At ten days Sight of this my
Second bill of Exchange my first of the same Tenour and date not paid pay to William Meeds or his order the
Sume of Tenn pounds Current Money of New England make good pay and place it to Account of Your humble
Servant. John Porter.
1717/18 Mar 19 Bill of Exchange to a Boston merchant by John Clarke of Bath County
This example was addressed from North Carolina to John Jeffries, evidently an employee of Boston merchant
firm, “Messrs. Danll Olliver and Wm.Welsteed” and the bill of exchange was endorsed on the back with the
name Will Meads, (Ed. Possibly same merchant in Porter example above). Sir, After fifteen days Sight of this my
bill please to pay unto Mr. Jacob Smyth or order Eight One pounds ten shillings and ten pence and place it to
the Account of Your humble Servant John Clarke 81.10.10 June 4 1718. (citation)
P.139 Letter from Edward Hyde, Queen Anne’s relative named deputy Governor NC in 1710, to Rev Giles
Ransford a missionary, written from Chowan May 30 1712. Hyde tells the missionary to barter for some sugar
and indigo, some hard to find items ….
“Ask your purser” for one barrel best white sugar, five barrels muscavado best sugar. I will pay him in pork
(NC staple) or I will pay you in money or good bills of exchange. Also would like a few pounds of indigo.
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