imported goods; some also operated a cooperage or a tailor shop, a hatter shop, or a blacksmith shop. In the
early colonial period Edenton and Albemarle County led the east in the number of merchants.
By the time of the American Revolution and the final days of Port Bath the three most well-known Carolina
coastal merchant traders were the Blounts from Beaufort County and Samuel Cornell and Edward Batchelor &
Company from Craven County. Edenton’s most well-known colonial merchant of the late
century were
Blount Hewes & Blair firm. Two merchants from this period from Wilmington were Cornelius Harnett and
Hogg & Campbell. All of them would have had sailing ships sailing in and out of Ocracoke and the other four
Atlantic ocean inlets stopping at one of the five customs ports for inspections, including Port Bath. The Blount
Brothers in 1769-89 correspondence refer to trading accounts in Philadelphia and shipping agents in numerous
ports in other colonies, in numerous islands of the West Indies as well as trading accounts in London and other
cities in West Europe. In Batchelor’s 1777 will refers to trading accounts in Pennsylvania and the Jersey
Islands: he left his wife 1500 pounds and proceeds in his interests in three sloops, a schooner, and two merchant
ships. (Source web link usgwarchives.net and John Gray Blount Paper volumes I and II lent by John Gray
Blount of Washington NC, retrieved from http://files.usgwarchives.net/nc/craven/wills/batchelo595nwl.txt).
See table below of primary import items Carolina coastal merchant vessels would have declared at Port Bath.
Carolina merchants imported from Great Britain, the mother country, from the West Indies and to/and from
other colonies.
1727 Ships from Port Bath sailed to New York, Boston and Philadelphia. This engraving of New York
Wharves shows cargo loading and lightering with pen for livestock.
From GB Gt. Britain From WI West Indies From Other Colonies
Cloth & Clothing Sugar & Molasses “Re-Exports”
Hardware & Household Rum & Salt Sugar, Molasses, Rum, Salt
Farm Implements Slaves Chocolate, Wine, Tea, Coffee
Pewter Ginger & Coffee Raisins, Pepper, Spirits
Brass Citrus Fruits Fish: Cod, Mackerel, Salmon,
Mahogany Sturgeon, Herring & Shad
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