The above 1781 print show a London coffee house with London merchants reading aloud gazette news about vessels clearing colonial
ports with cargo from the “plantations.” In fact the well-known Lloyds of London shipping list of colonial ship arrivals and departures
was started at Lloyd’s
century coffee house. Merchants called all English colonies “plantations” at the time, including West
Indian, American and Canadian colonies. According to a Port Bath report the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Eustatius was the fifth of
six top-ranking cargo destinations to and from Port Bath (2.5% inbound and 6% outbound).*
Image source:
1&objectId=1636863&partId= Retrieved August 1, 1715.
Data source St. Eustatius and Port Bath: a state archives bar chart dated 16 July 2004 by Richard Lawrence, retrieved state archives
and history office 7/7/15. Percentages of top six ports listed in Port Bath’s 1761-1794 records, based on vessels clearing Port Bath
customs inbound/outbound %:
Philadelphia 16.5/14.2% New York 18.3/12.2% Charleston 6.2/11.4%
Baltimore 8.6/ 7.7% St. Eustatius 2.5/ 6.0% * Boston 4.4/ 2.4 %
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