p. 85 The Court of Admiralty constituted by the Commission under the great Seal for hearing and determining Piracys
for the Colony of Virginia and was held 12th day of March 1718 for the (four prisoners ) trial of James Blake, alias
Jemmy and other pirates late of the crew of Edward Thache. Hesikia Hands late Master of the Sloop Adventure…
being sworne and examined deposed that he was on board the said Sloop Adventure at the taking of two French ships in
the month of August last past and that all the prisoners at the Barr were on Board the said sloop and bore armes under
Thache at the time of the said Piracy. That Thache Plundred one of the ships of some cocoa and the other brought in with
him to North Carolina having first put her Crew on Board the Ship first mentioned that soon after Thaches arrival at
Ocacock Inlet, he went in a periaguoe with foure of the prisoners…to Mr. Tobias Knight Secretary of North Carolina
carrying with him a present of chocolate, Loaf Sugar and sweet meats being part of what was taken on Board the French
ships above mentioned. the four prisoners acknowledgeth that some time in September they went from Ocacock in a
periague with Edward Thache to the House of Tobias Knight and carried in the said periaguoe three or foure caggs of
sweet meets, some loaf sugar, a bagg of chocolate, and some boxes the contents of which they did know.
87 Captain Ellis Brand Commander of his Majestys Ship “the Lime” declared he recd information of 20 barrels of
sugar and 2 baggs of cotton lodged by Edward Thache (Blackbeard) at the house of Tobias Knight, he asked the said
Knight for those goods they being part of the Cargoe Piraticaly taken in the French ship and that the said Knight with
many asseverations positively denyed that any such goods were about his plantation. But yet the next day when the said
Captain Brand urged the matter home to him and told him of the proofs he could bring as well by the persons concerned in
Landing the said goods as by a Memorandum in Thaches Pocket Book he the said Knights owned the whole matter and
the piratical goods aforesaid were found in his Barne covered over with fodder. At a Court of Admiralty Continued and
held at the capital the 13th day of March 1718.
P. 72 Complaint of Jeremai Goodrige v. Frederick Jones et al
Jeremiah Goodridge of this Government of North Carolina late master or commander of the late Pinke Adventer of
London complains in behalf of himselfe and Companyu…said Mr. Fred Jons and rest of the owners of the said late pink
adventer standeth justly indebted unto the plaintiff and company in the sum of 324 pound 8 shillings and one farthing July
10 1702. The defendant refusseth to paye… (action filed for damages, requestinge)… 648pounds 16 shillings and one
P 87 Colonial Records of NC 1702-1708 CCR 191 Breach of Covenant Boaz Bell Mariner v William Davis master of the
Sloop Anne. Contracted with the plaintiff to go to Corissaw (Curacao) and contract not performed, Sued for 20 pounds
P 467 Colonial Records of NC 1702-1708. Court of Admiralty CCR 189 Oct 3, 1704
Informant Captain Wm Barrow, Deputy Collector of her Majesties Customes within the Port Pamtico in the County of
Bath…. Levi Truewhitt of this Province on or about the month of August last past did arrive into the port of Pamticoe
aforesaid….with a Sloop called the Pamticoe Adventure Burthen about Six Tunns loaden with Sundry Goods and
Merchandize the Perticulars unknown to your Informant and the Same hath unloaden and putt on Shoar and broke bulk
without making any Entry of his said Vessell and Goods to this Port Contrary to the lawes and Statutes in these cases.
…WHEREFORE Seizure is is made of the aforesaid Vessell and all her apparrrell and furniture Goods and Merchandizes
to her Majesties use as justly forfeited to her Majestie and prayers the judgement of this Court with Costs (illegible
shillings paid to Clerk of General Court and Three pounds penalty to Members of this of the Court. Christopher Gale Esq,
Her Majesties Attorney General for Province (Court of Admiralty held at the House of Capt. John Hecklefield in Little
River, present Wm. Glover Justice, John Porter, Tho. Symonds and Wm. Bartlett Judges. Majesties Attorney Generall for
Carolina province. )
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