P 106 Colonial Records of NC 1702-1708 Ed. Wm. Price Second Series Vol IV General Court Little River July 25 1704
c. 1704 John Pettiver arrived in Port Roanoke with a Shallop called the Thomas and Mary Burthen about two Tun loaden
with Sundry Goods and Merchandizes and the Same hath unloaden and put on Shoar without making any entry of his Said
vessel and goods in this Port or producing any Cocquette permit or Hearing from any of her Majesties offices of the
Customes in Virginis from when he last came and without any Register of the said vessell Contrary to the Lawes and
Statues in those Cases made and Provided and prayes Condemnation of the Said Shallop. The said Shallopp etc. be
dispos’d of as the Law in Such Cases Directs.
p. 138 Colonial Records of NC 1702-1708 Ed. Wm. Price Second Series Vol IV
Date? Thomas Pollock complains against Henrey Mountfort Mariner …that the said Defendant as Master of the
Brigantene torn bound for Boston in New England had taken in his charge aboard the said vessell some tyme in July last
two hundred fortie and four Barells of Pork, some skins, furrs tanned Leather and other goods of the Plantiffs as appears
by Bills of Lading under his hand….Defendant damnyfyed and spoyled Most of the goods aforesaid but hath also hindred
the vessell from proceding the said voyadge a considerable tyme and put the plantiffe unto very considerage trouble.
Brings action for 400 pounds damages. (Note from Port Roanoke volume of documents at state archives: May 9 1712
Captain Henry Monfort, was commander of Brig Martha, owner Gov. Daniels, Brig Martha also sailed with Gov Daniels
to Charleston July 1709)
Ch. 9 = What the Locals Recorded
Volume I
P23 James Lee, appointed collector of her Majestie’s customs in Pamtico & Neuse Rivers in Bath Co NC by
commission dated 2 Nov 1703. Robert Quary Surveyor General. 9 Nov 1704 Oath administered before C Gale Esq.
1l6 Nov 1704
p 32 John Morgan, Merchant of Charleston, Province of Carolina appoints Capt. James Beard, and in case of his
death or absence John Robinson, both Merchants of N Carolina his attorney to demand from Emanuel Low, Gent of
NC 38 pounds 8 s 9 p with 10% interest. 6 Aug 1707 6th Year of Queen Ann, Jno Morgan Wit Henry Salters, John
Kendriex Ack in Ct. in Bath Town 8 Oct 1707 Test: Jno Lawson, Counc Clerk
p.50 Robert Daniel Esq of Bath, Landgrave NC sell to Martha Wainwright of NC for 5s cm and love & affection his
ship “Martha” now riding at anchor in Bath Town Creek and speedily bound to Ashley River in SC with all her tackle
furniture, and apparel with 100 barrels of pitch and my other goods and merchandizes shipped or intended to be shipped
on board…. My plate, jewels, rings, furniture, household stuff, goods, wares and merchandise within the house, store or
warehouses on the plantation where I now dwell in Bath Co NC, all horses, cattle and stock on sd plantation, also all my
rights, credits, debts due and all my personal estate in NC 7 Jul 1709 8th year of Queen Ann. Robt Daniel. A silver
tankard delivered to Martha at the same time as part of aforementioned plate. Wit: Nicholas Trott, John Porter, Sam’ll
Norton, John Crackley.
p. 53 Articles of agreement between Hon Thomas Cary Esq and Thomas Hardin, ship carpenter. Hardin agrees to
build for Cary at his landing in Bath Town Creek a sloop 46 foot by the keel, 18 foot by the beam, and 8 foot in the hold.
Hardin to do carpentry work himself. Cary to pay 140 pound, half in beef, pork and corn; the other half in corn, pitch and
tar; and to find him and his men, meat, drink and lodging during the building of sd sloop and to find plank iron pitch tar
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