oakum and other things necessary for the building and to bring them to the landing. Signed Thos Cary and Thomas
Harding. Wit: Levi Truewhitt, Christopher Dawson.
p. 54 John Eustus housewright, Thomas Harris cooper John Mountfort cooper, Abigail Cutler widow of deceased
mariner David Cutler all of Boston, Province of Massachusetts …. Appoint friend John Ryall of Boston master of the
sloop Speedwell their attorney for their affairs in Bath Town, Port of Pamtico or any other place in NC 8 Nov 1710
p. 70 Othniel Davis, late of Province of SC but now of Province of NC, sometime Commander of the Movil Trader
privateer man of war, Mariner To Roger Kenyon of NC, lately my quarter master in the afsd vessel for 200 pound
sterling. 1 Jul 1720
p. 72 John Coleman, merchant of Boston New England, names Mr. John White and Mr. Richard Harvey of Bath Co his
attorneys. 15 Apr 1719 in 5th year of his Majestys reign. John Colman. Wit: John Sneed and Henry Bright. Proved in
open ct. Jno Hatton, Clerk.
p. 77 John Royall, mariner of New England names Robert Turner, merchant of Bath Co as his attorney 23 Apr 1717
p. 78 Joshua Underwood makes his friend Patrick Caven, carpenter of Bath Co NC his attorney. He has goods on board
the Seaflower, a schooner, master Thos Everenden 7 Jan 1717 AD 4th year of King George.
p. 79 Joshua Maddox, merchant of New York City appoints friends the Hon Charles Eden Esq & James Stoner of
Bath Co as his attorneys in CN 23 Apr 1718.
p.81 John Coleman, merchant of Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusets names his friend John Clarke Esq of Pamptico in
NC as his attorney 20 Jul 1717 3rd year of his Majesties Reign. Wit: John Snoad Proved 15 Aug 1717 Bath Town Charles
p. 82 Thomas Williams, mariner, late of Philadelphia names his friend Thomas Harding master of the sloop “Thomas
and John” of NC his attorney 20 Nov 1719.
Indenture 7 Aug 1707 Sarah Myng apprentices her son Nathaniel Myng to Christopher Gale Esq of Bath Town and his
wife Sarah. Nathaniel to serve until age 21. He is 8 years old on 17 Nov next. Apprenticeship to be 13 yrs 3 mo and odd
days and to expire 17 Nov 1720. Gale to give Nathaniel apparel, teach him to read and write and teach him the art of
navigation. Wit: Wm Glover, John Lawson. Ack in Ct in Bath town 8 Oct 1707. Test John Lawson, Coun CL (Ed,See
Crittenden p. 14, Craven Apprenticeship papers 1748, Chowan County paper 1767)
p. 71 Thomas Worsley, merchant of Bath Co is bound To Mr. Daniel Oliver, merchant of the Province of New
England for 550 pound 19s 4d cm of New England. Worseley is to pay Oliver 74 3 s 5 d for goods sold in Boston money
upon Oliver’s sending to this Province for it, and 200 pound of like money to paid on 10 Aug next, it being for half the
sloop Tryal. 7 Feb 1720/21. Thomas Worsley. Wit: Gyles Shute, Thos Jacobs.
p. 94 Bath Town 24 June 1720 to Provost Marshal of Bath Co. Othniel Davis, and Thomas Porter, marriners late of
NC by letter of attorney 20 Aug 1719, 6th King George appointed Andrew Allen and William Gibbon, merchants of
Charlestown SC, their attorneys. They have authority from the Court of Vice Admiralty to procede against the ship
called Nuestra Senora dela Assumption” her tackle, furniture, apparel, goods, and merchandise, lately taken by sd. Davis
from the subjects of the King of Spain. The ship has arrived in NC. Allen and Gibben name George Basset, mercht of
Charlestown to act in their stead to recover all sums due Davis & Porter from sale of sd ship. 13 Jan 1719 AD.
….Received of Roger Kenyon, late Capt Quarter Master on Board the Moville Trader Private Man of War
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