(13) 1700-1730
VA-3, MD-1, PA-1, MA-4, SC-4 Source: Bath County Deedbook Volume I
1. Thomas Jones Arthur’s Hope Creek VA 1701
2. Frederick Jones James City VA 1703-1707
3. Jonas Cawson of VA bought 238 ac Pungo (moved to Bath Co.)
4. Thomas Sparrow of Arundel Co MD 1706 (moved to Bath town)
5. Samuel Peres of Philadelphia PA
6. Daniel Oliver of New England 1720
7. John Coleman of Boston MASS 1719
8. John Jeffries of Boston MASS 1719
9. Oliver& Welstead of Boston MASS
10. John Morgan of Charleston SC 1707
11. Isaac Mazijck of Charleston SC
12. Geo Basset of Charlestown SC
13. Alexander Bund of Charlestown SC Deed Book ref.590- ship Union of White Haven taken by the Spanish and servants
put ashore. 1720 Capt John Younger commander
Table C. Bath county and other local Carolina merchants (31)
1. George BIrkinhead of Bath Co.
2. Samuel Norton of Pamtico 1705
3. Thomas Peterson of Albemarle Co. 1702-1705
4. Nathaniel Weyersdale of NC bought Bath town lot with frontage 1705/1706
5. John Robinson of NC 1707
6. Giles Shute of Bath Co. 0 pound sterling bills London Merchant 1719
7. Samuel Horton or Norton of Bath co. (possible same person as merchant of Pamtico 1705)
8. Thomas Sparrow of Bath town 4 yr apprentice Robert Aldershire age 25 in 1708, bought 300 acre plantation with
fruit trees, nursery and herb garden from Levi Truewhitt and wife Mary, in 1716 +353 Bought 80 ac south side of river
mortaged from Thomas Seally.
9. Emanuel Cleaves of Bath town bought 1147 ac & town lot from Richard Odeon 1708
10. John Clarke of Bath Co. land sale Pungo Creek 1717
11. John Porter merchant of Bath Town two town lots 1717, Edmond Porter Merchant of Bath Co, sold 337 ac. bought
337 ac plantation , sold 2 lots, bought 220 acres
Edmund Porter of Albemarle sold 2 lots, John Porter bought 262 acres from C Gale
land finance deal mtg deed paid in full by planter Thomas Seally to Porter Merchant 1717, loan paid off 1721 2000 acres lawsuit
John Porter merchant dec’d of Chowan, Albemarle Co
12. William Jones of Bath Co.
13. Thomas Worsley of Bath 1718-1720 bound to Mr. Daniel Oliver merchant of New England 550 pound loan for
goods in Boston money and 200pounds for ½ of sloop Tryal
14. merchant Taylor and bastardy Bogue Sound accusation against Capt Kenyon 1720
15. Robert Boyd merchant 1717
16. Thomas Harding merchant of NC POA 1719
17. James Robbins ordered 300 barrels from Samuel Cowper
18. Edward Moseley merchant of NC recorded loan from Olive and Welstead merchants of Boston
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