19. Isaac Mazijck merchant of SC 534 pounds from T. Knight
20. Wm Robb Merchant of NC
21. ‘Slocumb’ slave sale and sloop in Pamptico bound for Bost 1720 Wm. Pitman master/merchant
22. Roger Kenyon merchant of Bath bought two lots and sold two lots to Gov Eden 1721
23. Jonas Cawson, merchant of Bath County 1723/24
24. Francis Gilbert, merchant of Beaufort Precinct.
25. Seth Pilkington merchant of Bath Co sold lot # 20 with frontage. 1724
26. Charles Harrison merchant of Bath co. bought three front lots #16,17,18 from JB Ash, sold same 3 lots 1724
27. Robert Turner of Bath Co 1717 bought 100 ac. bought 200 ac, bought 262 ac bought lot 27, Thomas Harding’s
kitchen. Frontage sold to Capt Roger Kenyon 1724.
28. Barnabas Fleming merchant of ? bought 45 ac
29. Matthew Rowan, of Bath Town bought lot #40
30. Edward Salter of Bath Co. sold 80 ac. Edward Salter will: 2 boats, 1721-1730 occupation cooper but 1727 til death
1733 merchant and gent. 3371 ac.
31. Col Robert Quary, of Bath Co. store located between Adams (Back Creek )and Romney Marsh as early as 1700. SC
governor, surveyor Gen 1704, many suits for debts. Incl. 1711 Margaret Tench of Philad, PA , trade see Col records
vol V p 10-12.
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