p. 1 Thank You from the Editor
p. 3 London Merchants and the Port Bath/St. Eustatia Link
p. 4 Table of Contents
P. 5 Port Bath and Bath town Timeline
P. 7 Ch. 1 Introduction
P. 16 Ch. 2 Origins of the British Colonial Customs Service
Ch. 3 Port Bath 1716 early trade, known merchants and tradesmen, governance and law, colonial currency
P. 22 Ch. 4 An In-depth Look at surviving records of maritime commerce and finance
P. 32 Ch. 5 Sailing In and Out to Bath from Ocracoke with import and export cargo
P. 36 Ch. 6 Port of Bath Voices - Extracts from what the missionaries wrote home 1700-1730
Transatlantic voyages, colonial commerce, local travel by land and sea.
P. 39 Ch. 7 Port of Bath Voices Extracts from what John Lawson the botanist surveyor wrote
Bath, the Carolina province and the Inlet approaches to the coast
P. 40 Ch. 8 Port of Bath Voices Extracts from Governing Leaders and British Navy-what they heard and saw
P. 42 Ch. 9 Port of Bath Voices What Locals Recorded and what prudent sailors and Bath residents with
Maritime and mercantile interests knew …surviving records from the Bath County deed book.
P. 46 Exhibits- Tables A Early Tradesmen Table B InterColony Merchants Table C- Bath Local Merchants
Lords Proprietors Proclamations, instructions for officials concerning Carolina and Port Bath
1. Vessels (20) Recorded at Port of Bath, by Name Alpha (1700-1737)
2. Known vessels built in Bath (9) in 18th c- six vessels named (1707-1734)
3. British Royal Navy Warships (11 vessels)- King George I’s orders to protect trade, Whitehall Sept 15, 1716
4A. List of Port of Bath custom collectors (11 men named 1703-1777)
4B. Feb 27, 1722 Custom House Philadelphia announcement, American Mercury newspaper
5A. Known Outward Bound Destinations from Port Bath 18th c (37 Ports from records after 1761)
5B. Known Ports of Lading into Port Bath (53 Ports from records after 1761)
6. 1768-1772 Shipping Records Tonnage and Number vessels Clearing Port Bath
P. 53 Addenda Part One- Bath’s Plantation Row and Misc. Port Bath Related Archive Records
Addenda Part Two Vignettes about Children and Young People of Port Bath circa 1715 separate pdf
Disclaimer- Finding Port Bath and other NC Colonial Port Shipping Records
Glossary of 18th c Boats and Sailing Vessels
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