For the Destinations listed below in Table 5A Mr. Angley drew from the following: British Records at the NC state
archives in Raleigh, especially microfilmed archives from England, the Public Record Office, the British National
Maritime Museum, the British Library, and British Museum. The Public Record Office included records from the
Colonial Office, Board of Trade, Treasury, Customs, Admiralty and High Court of Admiralty, the Treasurer’s and
Comptroller’s papers in the NC state archives, for 1761 and after. (Ed. grouped destinations into Inter-colonial, West
Indies and Canada/Transatlantic)
TABLE 5A. Known Outward Bound Destinations from Port Bath 1700s (37 ports)
Accomac, VA Antigua WI Bordeaux France
Annapolis MD Barbados WI Bristol, England
Baltimore MD Dominica WI Gibraltar
Boston Mass Grenada WI Greenock, Scotland
Charleston SC Guadeloupe WI Halifax, Nova Scotia
James River VA Hispaniola WI Liverpool, England
New York, NY Honduras London, England
Norfolk VA Kingston, Jamaica WI Plymouth, England
Perth Amboy NC Montserrat WI
Philadelphia PA Nevis WI
Piscataqua, NH St. Croix WI
Rappahanock River, VA Savana La Mar, Jamaica
S, Potomac District, VA Tortola WI
York VA Turks Island WI
Windward Islands WI
Inter-colonial (14) West Indies (15) ( Canada or Transatlantic 8)
TABLE 5B. Known Ports of Lading, Clearing Inwards into Port Bath in the
c (53 ports)
Annapolis MD Antigua Belfast Ireland
Baltimore Bahamas Bordeaux France
Bedford Mass Barbados Bristol England
Beverly Mass Bermuda Cork, Ireland
Boston Mass Cape Francais, Haiti Dublin, Ireland
Charleston SC Grenada WI Demerara, British Guiana
Dartmouth Mass Guadeloupe WI Glasgow, Scotland
Marblehead, Mass Hispaniola WI Greenock, Scotland
Nantucket, Mas Kingston Jamaica Liverpool, England
Newburyport, Mass Martinique WI London, England
New York, NY Mole-St. Nicholas, Haiti Nantes, France
Norfolk, VA Montserrat, WI Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Philadelphia, PA Nevis, WI Santa Crux
Piscataway, NJ Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana
Plymouth Mass PointaPitre, Guadeloupe
Portsmouth NH Port Au Prince, Haiti
Providence RI St. Bartholomew WI
Roanoke Island NC St. Croix. WI
Savanna GA Trinidad WI
York VA Turks Island WI
Inter=colonial (20) West Indies (20) Canada or Transatlantic (13)
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