Note from W.Angley 1981 on the above: It should not be assumed that the above list contains all ports of lading to Port
Bath…. Merely ones mentioned in available records.
TABLE 6 1768-1772 Shipping Records Port of Bath Customs District (Watson 2005)
Year Number Vessels clearing
1768 40/50 1818/2158
1769 39/42 1534/1609
1770 41/44 1586/1908
1771 63/67 2507/2612
1772 70/72 2488/2423
Five Year Average 51/55 Vessels
A.PLANTATION ROW West bank of Bath (old Town) Creek Plantations,
p 139 of Bath County Deed book Vol I
Heading south to north from Pamlico River: in order of known owners ( in bold around time of Port of Bath decree)
Archbell (Fepee’s) Point 300 acres: 1700 Capt. Rich Smith, John Buntin, Capt NT Jones, 1705 Robert Daniel,
1709 Martha Daniel, 1718 Tobias Knight, Joshua Porter, 1726 John Swann Jr.
Eden Tunnel land 400 acres adjoining Knight’s Creek: 1697 Thomas Lepper, Wm. Handcock, John Nelson Jr,
and Sr., 1711 Capt. Masten, 1718 Gov. Eden, 1718 Stephen Elsey & James Robins, Maurice Moore, Robert
Campaine, Edward Salter, 1734 Elizabeth Salter
Beard’s Land 375 acres adjoining Whitby Creek : 1702 Collingwood Ward, James Haynes, 1706 James Beard,
1718 Beard’s son, 1721 Robert Barr, Land Escheat, John Lovick, Maurice Moore, 1725 Ann Darden
Glebe Creek Original glebe lands head of Glebe creek 300 acres, later glebe relocated to Worsley property
Worsley plantation 320 ac. on Bath Town Creek just north of Glebe creek
B. PLANTATION ROW East bank of Bath Town Creek
1718 owners beginning with Romney Marsh on the Pamlico heading north :
Holland on the Pamlico adjoining Romney/Rumley Marsh,
Plum Point Reed,
Jones adjoining Adams (Back Creek)
Bonner Point : Bath Town see Lawson map of 1709 71 lots
Lewis to Kenyon
Barron adjoining Bridge Creek (Rowland Creek)
Eden Bridge Creek Plantation at the head of Bath Town Creek, adjoining Matchapungo swamp and Jackson
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