Albemarle county collectors of customs sept 26 1694 p. 370 Exec. Council papers
Letter from Council to Governor Ludwell
May it please your Honor
We are much perplexed with a controversie about the Collection of their Majesties Customes Mr. Muschamp upon his
departure, and as we believe not knowing of Edw. Randolp esqr. His Comeing hath deputed Capt Walker and Mr. Plater
Collectors ….For thes upper partes and we suppose Some other in Couratuck struck through….which interfering with
Mr. Randolphs proceedings heer ….
Instructions to Edward Tynte concerning maritime trade in Carolina
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
Volume 01, Pages 704-705
[B. P. R. O. B. T. Vol. 4. P. 162.]
Whereas by the Second Article of Our foregoing Instructions in relation to the several Laws concerning the Trade and Navigation of
this Her Majts Kingdom of great Britain and her Colonies and plantacions in America. You the said Edward Tynte Esqr are required
to take Care, and give charge that no Goods or Comodities whatsoever be Imported into or Exported out of Our province of Carolina
in any Ship or Vessells but in such whereof the Master and three fourths of ye Marriners at least are English and whereas by a Clause
in an Act passed in the 3rd year of her Majts Reign Instituted an Act for Raising Recruits for the Land Forces, and Marines and for
Dispencing with part of the Act for Encouragmt and increase of Shiping and Navigation during the present War (Copy whereof you
will herewith receive) it is Enacted that during the present War, and no longer, the Number and proportion of Marriners to sail in such
Ships or Vessells which by Laws now in force are limitted to the Master & three fourths of the Marriners to be English
shall be enlarged to ye Master and one Moiety of the Marriners at least to be English It is her Majts Will and pleasure that you take
Care and give in Charge to the proper Officer that the said Act be observed in Our sd province under your Covert during the present
War accordingly Letter from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to the North Carolina Governor's Council and General Assembly
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
August 01, 1716
Volume 02, Pages 236-238
[B. P. R. O. B. T. No. Carolina. Vol. 6. P. 39.]
1716 August 1st
John Lord Carteret Palatin, Henry Duke of Beaufort, William Lord Craven, Maurice Ashley Esqre Sr John Colleton Bart
John Danson Esqre and the rest of the true and absolute Lords Proprietors of the Province of Carolina, To all to whom
these presents shall come Greeting.
Whereas by a Royal Charter bearing Date the 30th Day of June in the 17th year of the reign of King Charles the 2d there
is granted to us,
Our Heirs and Assignes, full and absolute Power and Authority to make, erect and constitute within the said Province
and Territory, such and so many Seaports, Harbours, Creeks and other places for Discharge and unlading of Goods and
Merchandizes out of ships, Boats and other Vessels, and for lading of them in such and so many Places and with such
Jurisdictions, Privileges and Franchises, as to Us shall seem most expedient, and that all and singular the ships, Boats
and other Vessells which shall come with Merchandizes and Trade into the said Province or Territory, or shall depart out
of the same shall be laden and unlade at such Ports only as shall be constituted by Us the Lords Proprietors of the
Province aforesaid, Our Heires and Assignes and not elsewhere, any Use, Custom or anything to the contrary in any wise
notwithstanding. And whereas several of the Inhabitants of the Province of North Carolina have represented to us the
several and great conveniences and advantages that may accrue to his Majesty's subjects in General by constituting and
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