erecting a Port at Bath Town in the County of Bath, being, as the alledge the most proper place within the said Province
for ships to take in Masts, Pitch, Tar Turpentine and other Naval Stores for the use of his Majesty's Fleet, and which may
be purchased by such Merchandizes and Comodities, as are of the Growth, Production and Manufactory of his Majesty's
Kingdom of Great Britain. We therefore (being desirous to render the Province of Carolina as usefull as may be to this
his Majesty's Kingdom of Great Britain, and also considering what great Tracts of Land lye contiguous to the said Bath
Town which may afford great quantities of Naval Stores Pursuant to the said Power granted to us by the said Charter &
Patent have erected, constituted and appointed the said Bath Town, within the Province of North Carolina aforesaid to be
a Seaport for the Discharge and unlading of any Goods, Merchandizes or Wares out of any ships, Boats or Vessels
whatsoever, and for lading the same again, but with such Jurisdictions, Privileges and Franchises as to any other Sea Port
within the said Province of Carolina shall in any wise belong or appertain. Provided always that all ships and vessels
whatsoever coming into or going out of the said Port of Bath Town in the County of Bath aforesaid, and lading or
unlading any Goods or Comodities there, and the Masters and Commanders thereof and their ladings shall be subject and
liable to the same Duties and Visitations, Searches, Penalties and Forfeitures, as any Ships and their Ladings and any
Commanders and Masters of Ships are subject and liable to, by virtue of any Act or Acts of Parliament relating to Trade
and Navigation in any other Sea Port whatsoever in any of his Majesty's Provinces Colonies or Plantations in America.
Given at St James' under our Hands & Seals this 1st Day of August A. D. 1716.
Commission to Collector of Customs Isaac Ottiwell 1724 April 15
To all people to whom these presents shall come We the Commissioners for managing and causing to be levied and
Collected his Majesties Customs Subsides and other Duties in that part of Great Britain called England send Greeting
Know yee that we the said Commissioners have by Virtue of an Act of Parliament made in the twenty fifty year of the
Reign of King Charles the Second entituled an Act for the Encouragement of the Eastland and Greenland Trades and for
better securing the plantation Trade and in pursuance of the Authority and directions to us given by the Right Honorable
the Lords Commissioners of his Majesties Treasury deputed and Impowred and do hereby Depute and Impower Isaac
Ottiwell to be Collector of all the Rates and Duties and Impositions arising and growing due to his Majesty at Bath
Towne in the Province of North Carolina in America by virtue of the said Act whereby he hath power to enter into any
Ship, Bottom, Boat or other Vessell as also into any Shop house Warehouse Hostery or other place whatsoever to make
diligent Search into any Trunk Chest pack, Case Truss or any other parcel or package whosoever for any Goods Wares
or Merchandize prohibited to be Imported or Exported or whereof the Customs or other Duties have not been duly paid
ant the same to Seize to his Majesties Use…. Given under our hands and Seal at the Custom House London the fifteenth
day of April in the tenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George Anooque Domini 1724.
J. Evelyn, Robt. Baylis, Walter Young, T. Walker
Security is Given
In 500 pounds.
(Seal of the Custom House)
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
August 01, 1716
Volume 02, Pages 235-236
[B. P. R. O. B. T. No. Carolina. Vol. 6. P. 35.]
1716. August 1st
To the Council and Assembly of North Carolina Gentlemen,
Our Governor Mr. Eden having sent the Laws of our Province of North Carolina, as they were revised and settled by you at the last
meeting of your Bienniall Assembly which began on the 13th Novr 1715 that we might peruse and give Our Approbation of the same;
We do hereby assure you that we will carefully look them over, and ratify and confirm such of them as may any way contribute to the
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