good Government Trade or Welfare of our said Province, and shall take care to transmit them to you with what convenient speed we
But in the mean time we cannot but take notice how unreasonably you concern yourselves in matters relating only to Us, which is our
property vizt. You wou'd in a Clause of your last Act of Assembly oblige Our Receiver to take your Bills for the purchasing of Our
Lands, and for the payments of the small quit Rents we have reserved by the Deeds of Sale. We think you have nothing to do with our
Lands and therefore you must expect to receive that Clause at least, in that Act of Assembly repeal'd.
We are of opinion that our Tenants ought to be held to their Covenants in their Grand Deeds in relation to the payment of their Quit
Rents and that all the purchase money now due for Lands shou'd be made in sterling money or at sixteen penny weight the Crown, or
in the produce of the Country equivalent therunto.
We are further to inform you Gentlemen that we have resolv'd that no more Land shall be sold in Our Province of North Carolina, but
that such sales of Land only as are made here at our Board shall be good.
We desire you to remember that all Laws pass'd by the Assembly, after they are repeal'd by Us are voyd, and that no Law whatever
either already pass'd or that hereafter shall be pass'd can be in Force for any Longer time than two years, unless such Law is within
that time confirmed under the Hands and Seals of Lord Palatin and four more of the Lords Proprietors.
Mr. Eden has sent to us a Petition he received from the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Bath Town in the County of Bath may be made
a Sea Port Town, and a Corporation; We are very willing to indulge the Inhabitants of our Province in any reasonable Request, and we
have therefore order'd Our Secretary to draw an Instrument to signify to the Custom house here Our Pleasure that the Town of Bath
shall be made a Sea Port Town, and to send a Duplicate of the said Instrumt to you that you may lay the same before the Surveyor
General of the Customs when he shall arrive in Our Province of North Carolina.
We doubt not Gentlemen of your Endeavours for the Good of our Province; So We bid you heartily farewell, and are,
August ye 1st 1716.
Commission to appoint John Dunston as Naval Officer for North Carolina, including related instructions
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
June 03, 1723
Volume 02, Pages 497-499
His Excellency John Lord Carteret Palatin and the rest of the true and absolute Lords Proprietors of the Province of Carolina in
To John Dunston Esqr Greeting.
We out of the trust and Confidence we have & repose in your care prudence and ability have made constituted and appointed and by
these presents do make constitute and appoint you the said John Dunston to be naval officer of that part of our Province of Carolina
that lyes North and East of Cape Fear hereby requiring and Impowering you to take Entrys of all ships and Vessell Inward bound to or
outward bound from that part of our said province of Carolina and we do hereby give and grant to you the said John Dunston our full
power and authority use and Exercise the said office of Naval officer and to receive take and enjoy all Benifitts advantages fees
perquisites and profits belonging to the said office and which have been usually taken and received by other naval officers in any of
his Majesties Colonies in America so as such perquisites or Proffits be not by us the said Lords Proprietors otherwise given or
disposed of and we do further by these presents Constitute order and appoint you the said John Dunston to be reciever of the Tenth of
our fishery and to give acquitances & other discharges in our names for such Tenths that you shall receive for us by Virtue of these
presents To have and to hold the said several Offices of Naval Officer & receiver of the Tenths of our fishery during our pleasure
together with all fees perquisitts & Proffitts to the offices belonging or appertaining Given at St James's under our hands and the Great
seal of our Province this third day of June Anno Dom 1723.
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