thankfully saying that at least we do have the official accounts by the LAST known Port Bath collector, Nathan Keias,
even if we don’t have those of the FIRST Port Bath collector, James Leigh.
So with thanks to Nathan Keias for such clear and elegant penmakship, I will close with the accounts and photocopies of
ledger pages submitted by Nathan Keais, Port Bath’s last known customs collector. In them he clearly recorded both
imports and exports, lists of vessels, hailing ports, captains, cargo, and collected duties/taxes in pounds.shillings.pence
(ex. 1.1.0)
Vessel entries from 1786/87 Port Bath ledger account records
Duties received by Nathan Keais, Last known Collector of Port Bath, district office in Washington NC:
1. Port Bath January 8, 1787 Brig Polly Master Wm. McDaniel, Port of lading Turks Island,
Importer John Gray Blount, duty charged 8.16.0 bond zero, money received 8.16.0
2. Port Bath January 10, 1787 Brig John Master Jacob Blount, Port of lading St. Bartholomews,
Importer John Gray Blount, duty charged 4.1.5
In the addenda in what may or may not be the handwriting of Nathan Keias, we see three examples of his Port Bath
ledger pages sent every three months to the Governor and London Customs House. He was still collecting duties in British
currency as late as 1787 eleven years after the American Revolution, and ten years after moving the port collections
offices to Washington NC:
1) Dated Jan 2 1786 A list of Exports from NC in the Year 1786 (four columns by vessel type
Sloop,Ship, Brig, Schooner then description of cargo).
First entry on the page is a Ship with 15000 Scantling, 30000 shingles, 7000 staves and 100
live Hogs
2) Period Dec-Jan 1786-87 Account of Duties Received by Nathaniel Keais Collector of Port
First entry Sloop Betsy, Dec 12, Master Wm. Rhodes, port of lading Providence, Import
Merchant Wm. Rhodes, Amt. Duty 2 pound 10 shilling Owed and Received.
3) Period Apr-May 1785 Account of Duties received by Nathan Keais Coll. Of Port Bath.
First entry Sloop Lydia, April 8, Master Geo. Garland, Port of lading Philadelphia, Importer
Henry T. Poole, 4.14.11 Duty Owed.
Year ending May 24 total Duties collected 1666 pounds10.11 and ¼ British Pound Sterling
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