General by the Lords Proprietors and in 1711 despite his being an advocate for fairness to local Indians he was
killed by the Tuscaroras.
Isabella grew up to be married twice, the first time at age 16 at which time she would have inherited her 1/3 of her
father’s estate. We know she had two sons, from first husband John Chilly and at some point moved to the New
Bern area with second husband Martin Futch/Fuchs, a New Bern German Palantine. She was lost to history after
recording the 1767 inventory.following her second husband’s death.
An image below of colonial Port of Philadelphia shows a ferry landing and many colonial sailing vessels with cargo
and passengers. Bath’s ferry landings would not have been as grand but were just as busy with horses and wagons
and boats of all sizes and shapes. The Bath gentry (wealthy planter-merchants and families) often relied on
shopping expeditions to larger towns like Williamsburg, Philadelphia and Charleston. On special occasions
Isabella and her mother might have placed orders from Philadelphia and London merchants sending their orders
and letters of credit to pay with sea captains for luxury and hard to find household items.
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