1703 Appointment and Instructions from Lords Proprietors: James Lee was appointed collector of her Majestie’s
customs in Pamtico & Neuse Rivers in Bath Co NC by commission dated 2 Nov 1703…Our will is that you take Entries of
all Ships or Vessells Inward bound or outward bound from our said Province of Carolina that you take an account of
their Lading their Bottom (if Brittish or no) what men navigated withal and all other matters required to be done of Naval
Officers by the several acts of Parliament relateing to trade & navigation. You are to obey all such Instruction and
directions as you Shall at any time receive Either from us or from the Commissrs of his Majestys Customs in London or
from any other person or persons now acting or that shall hereafter act by his Majestys authority perrsuant to or for the
better putting in Execution the Several acts relating to the Plantation. (See Exhibits)
1709- Instructions from Lords Proprietors to Colonel Edward Tynte, Governor of South & North Carolina on Trade and
Navigation Law in Carolina:
You…are required to take care, and give charge that no goods or commodities whatsoever be imported or exported in
any ship or vessels but in such whereof the Master and three fourths of ye Marriners at least are English, during the War
changed to the Master and one Moiety of the Marriners to be English.
1716 Letter from Lords Proprietors to Council and Assembly of North Carolina upon receipt of Nov 1715 laws revised by
NC biennial Assembly’s, they were sent to London by Governor Eden of Bath:
We will carefully look them over…. All purchase money now due for Lands should be made in sterling money or at sixteen
penny weight the Crown, or in the produce of the Country equivalent thereunto. We are further to inform you Gentlemen
that we have resolv’d that no more Land shall be sold in Our Province of North Carolina, but that such sales of land only
as are made here at our Board (of Trade) shall be good… Mr. Eden has sent to us a Petition from the Freeholders and
Inhabitants of Bath Town in the County of Bath….. we have therefore order’d our Secretary to draw an Instrument to
signify to the Custom House here (in London) our Pleasure that the Town of Bath shall be made a Sea Port Town, and to
send a Duplicate of said Instrument to you that you may lay the same before the Surveyor General of the Customs when
he shall arrive in our Province of North Carolina. Aug 1st 1716.
1716 Proclamation from Lords Proprietors of Carolina concerning Seaport at Bath:
…..All ships and vessels whatsoever coming into or going out of the said Port of Bath Town in the County of Bath
aforesaid, and lading or unlading any Goods or Comodities there, and the Masters and Commanders thereof and their
ladings shall be subject and liable to the same Duties and Visitations, Searches, Penalties and Forfeitures, as any Ships
and their Ladings…. by virtue of any Act or Acts of Parliament relating to Trade and Navigation in any other Sea Port
whatsoever in any of his Majesty’s Provinces Colonies or Plantations in America. August 1 1716
1723 Appointment Letter and Orders from Lords Proprietors to John Dunston Esq. newly appointed naval officer:
We appoint you naval officer of that part of our Province of Carolina that lyes North and East of Cape Fear…. all ships
and Vessell Inward bound to or outward bound that that part of our said province of Carolina. You are upon your
arrival in our Province to take the Oath appointed by act of Parliament. You are to obey all such instruction from us or
from the Commissrs of his Majestys Customs in London…You are to have your accounts audited once every three months
by the Governor and Council who are to transmit the same to our Secretary in London, You are twice in every year to
transmit your Entries of Ships or Vessels to his Majestys Commissionr of the Customs in London the forme of which you
may find in the Custom house. You are at the same time to transmit to our Secretary in London Copys of such Entries and
accounts as you send to the Commissionrs of the Custom. June 3, 1723
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