Wake the Tablets: A (Listserv) Love Story




Wake the Tablets: A (Listserv) Love Story

Wake Forest University and Kindles started their lives together by sharing some innocent documents -- but the relationship grew into a passion they could no longer deny.  Despite their opposite backgrounds, these young teachers and learners put their hearts and minds (and fingers) on the line (and touchscreen) for each other.  When they "married," Kindle's wealthy parents threatened to disown them. Meanwhile, WFU's parents tried to reconcile the Mothers So Dear -- but to no avail? Nevertheless, they all continued to build their lives together with feelings they cannot ignore. Relying only on each other, these beautiful kids still believe that reading -- even e-reading -- can fix anything. Does fate have other plans?

Soon, what began as a brutally convenient friendship became a "summer love" story for the ages.



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