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Dear Wake Forest University (WFU) Community,
Every day at WFU, my colleagues and I in Information Systems (IS) have the privilege of supporting,
interacting with, and collaborating with you -- the students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, donors and
trustees that make up this extraordinary community. Our work across the constituencies of WFU is
greatly facilitated by the common, firm and enduring commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the
liberal arts and in graduate and professional education that pervades this community.
Along these lines, in Spring 2015, IS, in collaboration with the WFU community, launched an institution-
wide technology strategic planning effort. At the heart of the effort were both the ongoing pursuit of
excellence that sets this institution apart and the desire to ensure that innovation continues to be part
of our everyday reality here at Wake Forest.
Specifically, our overall goals included:
To improve and enhance WFU’s core mission of teaching, learning and research by providing
improved tools, digital content and instructional support that broaden options for faculty to
integrate learning technologies, course delivery methods, and advances in R&D;
To provide access to research computing capabilities across all disciplines and increase WFU’s ability
to support researchers in the capture and analysis of very large data sets;
To actively support appropriate innovation that ensures WFU remains nimble in response to
advances in technology in an ever-changing and challenging higher education landscape;
To transform administrative processes and services to enhance efficiency and reduce costs;
To improve the reliability and capacity of the technologies and services that the WFU community
depends on every day such as the network, personal computing devices, data storage and backup,
and the Service Desk.
Throughout the past year we engaged with many of you in the campus community through meetings,
workshops, focus groups, town hall-style gatherings, surveys, interviews, and technology advisory
committee conversations. Thank you for generously giving of your time to the iterative process
of gathering and refining feedback. The two-way communication process -- which I fully expect
to continue beyond this period -- is a strong foundation for the technological growth of our WFU
On behalf of my IS colleagues, it is my genuine pleasure to share with you the 2015-2016 IS Year in
Review. We hope that you will not only look at the content but also click on the links in this interactive
report in order to gain a broad understanding of the many ways IS partnered and collaborated with the
WFU community as well as the on-going strategic planning effort.
We welcome your comments and continued conversation about technology at Wake Forest.
Best regards, Mur Muchane
“Our collaboration with the campus community helps ensure that Wake Forest
remains nimble and innovative in response to advances in technology and an
ever-changing higher education landscape.”
Mur Muchane
Associate Vice President for Information Technology & CIO
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