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rom the of his
tenure at Wake Forest,
through unknown
waters, Joseph enjoyed
continuity. Working at The Bridge
as a student, he was interested
in how his interactions and
experiences there correlated
with the business level. The IS
Fellowship allowed him that
insight. He wanted to work in an
area of Higher Education that
intersected with another industry.
Now in Boston, working as an
insights analyst at the mobile
app marketing company, Fiksu,
Joseph enjoys “seeing a crossover
between my work doing data
analysis as a Fellow with my
position now.”
oseph acknowledges that
“mentorship has gotten me
where I am now.” As a
Magnolia Scholar, he also served
as a First in the Forest mentor,
helping other first generation
college students succeed. Having
worked closely with the Project
Management and Portfolio
group during his Fellowship, he
had access to develop skills and
create mentoring relationships as
well. Chris Mclaughlin, Assistant
Director of Project Management,
“really enjoyed working with
Joseph. He is very interested in
serving others and this desire
matched well with the service-
minded culture of Information
Systems.” One of his favorite
projects was to create resources
for the following Fellow to help
guide them and learn from his
experiences. This was just one of
the many projects that Joseph
found the opportunity to mentor
and be mentored. “My experience
has been marked by the faculty,
staff and students, and the
investment they continue to
make in me. I want to mentor and
encourage the next generation of
till getting his footing in
Boston, Joseph makes
to continue his pro
humanitate roots by volunteering
at the local animal shelter and
MIT’s start-up workshops. As
a former Wake Forest Alpha
Phi Omega leader, Joseph
has reached out to Boston
University’s APO chapter to
continue mentoring, advising
and volunteering with college
hen asked to name some
of his favorite aspects
as the Fellow he
replied that he enjoyed how the
environment shifted everyday.
Fiksu also provides him this ever
changing workplace, handling
every client differently, while
still applying skills he learned
throughout his Wake Forest
experience. Working with large
and well-known clients, such
as McDonalds and Groupon, to
smaller game and shopping apps,
Joseph continues his learning and
“Wake Forest and the IS
department benefited
tremendously from the energy,
creative thinking, and fresh ideas
Joseph brought to the table; and
Joseph built skills and experiences
valuable to his future and career
decisions. It is refreshing to see how
he has embraced all of what he
has learned personally; but even
more so, how eager he is to share
his experiences and mentor others
embarking on a similar journey.”
John Bowers
Director, Application Development
and Portfolio Management
“The Fellowship allowed me to extend myself beyond the student perspective.”
Joseph Belangia, Wake Forest University 2014-2015 Information Systems Fellow,
Insight Analyst at FIKSU; a mobile ad tech company in Boston, Massachusetts
Experimenting with a Lightboard at
TechXploration 2015.
Sophia Bredice ‘15
IS Fellow
Joseph Belangia ‘14
Insight Analyst,
Laura Chin ‘13
Nilam Patel ‘12
Director of Social Media,
Montana State University
Tyler Pruitt ‘11
Instructional Technology Specialist,
Wake Forest University
John Track ‘10
Research Content Specialist,
Gartner Inc.
Gretchen Edwards ‘10
Community Manager,
Josh Walters ‘10
Problem Manager,
Wake Forest University
Darcy Delph ‘09
Sales & Product Training Developer,
Introducing the guest speaker at Stem
Slam (a career networking and exploration
event for any student interested in Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
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