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Added a new service so that
devices owned by students (such
as gaming systems and smart TVs),
that don’t allow a user to enter an
ID and password, can now securely
connect to our wireless network.
Updated the wireless and wired
network for Deacon Tower.
Updated the wireless network
in Worrell, Tribble, ZSR Library,
University Corporate Center and
Calloway (Manchester wing only).
Started refreshing data center
routers, working towards a 10G
backbone by Summer 2016.
Number of new access points installed in
the Summer of 2015.
Number of old access points removed in
the Summer of 2015.
A single option, WFUwireless, provides the
appropriate access for our faculty, staff and
students based on username.
er the IS mission statement,
“We are dedicated to
in the services we provide to
students, faculty and staff,
through effective implementation
and management of information
technology products, services,
and support.”, our Network
Infrastructure team spent a
significant part of Summer 2015
conducting upgrades across our
Wake Forest campus to ensure a
fast and reliable network for our
campus community.
eginning May 19, 2015,
the team removing
wireless access
points. The team replaced the
old access points with more than
3 times the existing number of
access points in every residence
hall ensuring that each room
and/or suite has their own access
point. With significantly less
students per access point, each
student is better able to attain
improved data rates. Only a small
number of universities offer this
high level of wireless access and
currently Wake Forest University
is the only university in North
Carolina to do so.
n addition to upgrading every
residence hall with new access
the team also played
an important role in the overall
renovation process of Kitchin
Residence Hall. As well, they
assisted with the design and
installation phase of the new
Health and Exercise Science
Building, and with the planning
and design phase for the new
gym and indoor practice facility.
s our Wake Forest campus
continues to grow, our
team will play an integral role
in ensuring that we continue
to improve the overall services
that are provided across our
network. These services include,
but are not limited to: a fiber
infrastructure upgrade and
additions and transition to Voice
Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
services. Next year’s summer
projects will prove to be every bit
as impactful as the Summer of
e recently conducted a
random and informal
of our students to
get their feedback. The comments
were overwhelmingly positive,
including remarks such as, “the
Wi-Fi is more accessible”, “I get Wi-
Fi in all spaces”, and “it is working
“The Internet here is blazing fast!”
Chris Zaluski, Faculty Member, Department of Communication
Internet Connection Speed
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