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  • LC Williams
    Title: Quite Happy
  • LIB 210, Fall 2013
    Title: Our Free Kindle Fires: O Amazon, We Don't Know How to Quit You
  • LIB290
    Title: Eric Wilson Autographs, And So Can You!
  • Laine Goldman
    Title: The Migrant Creative: U.S. Media Freelancers at the Border of a Changing Work Culture
  • Laura J. Chin
    Title: ZSRx Tweets: The Transcripts
  • Lauren Pressley
    Title: So You Want to Be a Librarian
    Keyword(s): Language Arts & Disciplines; Library & Information Science; General; Careers; Counseling; Education; Business & Economics; Career Development
  • Library Partners Press
    Title: Egg Foo Bill
  • Luis Gonzalez